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Video: Uganda Minister of Health Disguised Herself As Patient To Catch Corrupt Hospital Staff Collecting Bribes


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Video: Uganda Minister of Health Disguised Herself As Patient To Catch Corrupt Hospital Staff Collecting Bribes

Sarah Opendi who is the Minister of Health in Uganda disguised herself as a patient and caught two hospital workers demanding bribe for services which are meant to be free.

According to the video, the minister of health wore a face veil and traveled to a hospital in the capital Kampala on a motorbike disguising her identity.

Medical workers extorting patients is a common practice in Ugandan government hospitals. According to sources, workers in such hospital earn as little as $70 ( below 250,000 shillings) per month.

Sarah Opendi said she had received many complaints that the staff at the hospital were extorting money from patients.

From the video, the Minister of Health upon arriving at the hospital was asked to buy an exercise book to fill in her details. She wrote a wrong name “ADEKE SHAMIM“.

After, she went to a nursing assistant who ordered her to pay between 5,000 – 30,000 shillings in other to enjoy the medical services which are meant to be free.

However the minister told her she does not have the money – and nursing assistant replied “she should go and come back when she has got the money“.

Later, the Minister went to the Laboratory to do some blood tests where the Lab technician demanded 120,000 shillings ($40) before the test is done.

After paying these staff members the minister of health called the police to arrest them.

The deputy hospital director Dr, Stephen Kyebamber expressed gratitude to Opendi for arresting the staff members.

He added “The minister must be congratulated for unearthing this racket of extortionists at our hospital. We are grateful. Otherwise, patients suffer in the hands of these cruel staff“.

I believe the Minister of Health, Sarah Opendi did an awesome job – and I wonder whether some of our Ministers here can take a cue from her. Thank You…!!!

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