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I Used To Be A Lover of Masturbation During My Youthful Days – Majid Michel

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I Used To Be A Lover of Masturbation During My Youthful Days – Majid Michel

Ghana actor Majid Michel in an interview on StarrFM on Wednesday revealed he used to masturbate during his youthful days. He added that masturbation is sinful and he cautioned the youth against it.

“I think that every adolescent has masturbated before,” Michel told host Bola Ray adding, “I feel guilty about it, I feel very dirty about it…there’s a lot of debate about masturbation being a sin or not but I think it’s a sin.”

“There is nothing said about it in the bible, nowhere in the scripture…[but] it is a sin completely.”

Majid Michel also cautioned the youth against watching pornography and that it has the tendency to corrupt their brains.

Speaking to host of Starr Chat Bola Ray, he also revealed how much he charges per role in a movie.

“I take $15,000 per movie and not cedis,” Majid told host of Starr Chat Bola Ray Wednesday adding that the highest amount he has taken for a movie is 35, 000 dollars.”



My name is Joshua Elikem Atta-Mafu aka Josh_The_Vanisher aka Sugar aka Lover of Gob3 – these are the names attributed to me, quiet funny. I am 24 years old, not blogger yet, a double bassist, website developer, singer, movie lover and social media addict.

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