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6 Reasons Why You Need To Add Planking To Your Daily Exercise


There are variations of exercise we do daily to keep our body healthy and fit. Some of these exercises include jumping jacks, squats, jogging, push-ups etc. In today’s lifestyle segment, we’ll be looking at a particular form of exercise and why you need to perform that exercise daily. This form of exercise is called “planking” or you can just say …

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7 Surprising Benefits Ghanaian Women Will Enjoy If They Decide Not To Wear Bra


The month of October is a month set aside to create awareness on breast cancer – and also October 13, 2017 is a day set aside to mark “No Bra Day.” “No Bra Day” is a day celebrated by all women across the globe where no woman wears a bra. Women have been taught since their childhood or adolescent stage …

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Having Bad Breath? Try These Simple & Natural Methods To Treat It


You can be the prettiest girl or most handsome guy but if you have bad breath, my sister and my brother, you are in for big trouble. Bad breath is a big turn off for a lot of people. Just imagine, you have a pretty girlfriend, she is the envy of most girls in your area – but anytime you …

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Ghanaian Guys: 5 Workout Routines For Your Dream Six Pack (Checkout It Out)


Every guy would want to have a six pack but the process in getting a six pack is always a problem for most guys. Guys find it always difficult in going through that process. There are millions of articles online or on the internet that spell out various ways to achieve a six pack. Some recommend you take certain drugs …

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6 Important Benefits Of Laughing That Ghanaian Need To Know About


As social organisms, laughter constitute a part of human behavior and this helps us to clarify our intentions during interaction and also provide an emotional context to conversations. Laughter serves as a sign of being part of a group, a sign of acceptance and a sign of positive interaction with others. A researcher Robert Provine said “Laughter is a mechanism …

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6 Reasons Why Every Ghanaian Should Drink Green Tea Often


In our lifestyle column today, we’ll looking at the health aspect of our lifestyle where we will be talking about Green tea specifically I will be sharing with you some benefits of Green Tea or “Why you need to take Green Tea more often?”.   What is Green Tea It is a type of tea that is made from Camellia …

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Here Are The Proven Ways On How To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy & Functioning Well


Our human body is made up of very vital internal organs created by God that function to ensure that we are always healthy so as we can go about our daily activities smoothly. Every single organ has a particular function it performs and as a whole they ensure our entire body functions properly. In today’s post, we’ll be looking at …

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