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Having Bad Breath? Try These Simple & Natural Methods To Treat It

You can be the prettiest girl or most handsome guy but if you have bad breath, my sister and my brother, you are in for big trouble.

Bad breath is a big turn off for a lot of people. Just imagine, you have a pretty girlfriend, she is the envy of most girls in your area – but anytime you want to kiss her, you cannot because of her bad breath.

Having a bad breath speaks very negatively of your personal hygiene. Because a lot of negative thoughts will be running through people’s minds.

Interestingly, bad breath is as a result of our daily habits. If you are someone who likes alcohol, smoking and eating at very odd hours, you are likely to have bad breath.

Also at night while we sleep, our mouth is less active giving the bacterias in our mouth an opportunity to get active. The bacterias contain a lot of fatty acids making it a cause of bad breath.

There are many treatment available in the market but today on our lifestyle column of our blog we’ll be sharing with you some few simple and natural ways to treat the bad breath.

However, you can also read the following articles below;



Interestingly, the main cause of most bad breath in every individual is the kind of food he or she consumes. Our food habits gives a perfect picture of our dental hygiene.

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If you are someone who likes food such as garlic, onions, cheese, fish among others – these foods cause bacteria in your mouth which gives you bad breath.

I will advice you to cut down the quantity of such foods or if possible stop eating them.


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2.Dental Problems

Some people when they open their mouth you clearly see a lots of cavities in their mouth. Cavities, plaque and gum disease are major cause of bad breath.

You should probably go see a dentist for treatment so as you do not embarrass yourself in front of people.



3.Taking Mints

This is one big method to treat bad odor in your mouth. Assuming you eat a meal containing garlic, onions or cheese make it a habit of chewing anything which is minty in flavor.

This is because the herbal properties in mint reduce the production of gas to promote better digestion. This helps in giving you a fresher breath leaving you with lots of smiles.


4.Health Problems

Are you having any throat infection, sinus infection, stomach issues etc – these problems probably may be causing your mouth to smell badly.

However, there are simple ways to fight the problem. I would advice you see a doctor for consultation and treatment.


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5.Having Dry Mouth

The medical term for dry mouth is referred to as XEROSTOMIA. This condition provides a perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce.

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Long periods of speaking, smoking, drinking alcohol and snoring are few common causes. Most people experience bad breath in the mouth due to lack of saliva production while they sleep.

For healthy individuals, bad breath is minimal since they have their normal flow of saliva which eliminates any awful smell in their mouth.



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