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Revealed: “One Corner” Song Is A Demonic Song From The Pit Of Hell – Rev. Minister

Mrs. Jennifer Selly who is a renowned minister of God has revealed that there is a serious evil spirit backing the recent hit song “one corner” which has taken over the media space in Ghana.

According to her, the artiste Patapaa consulted a “juju” man before releasing the “One Corner” song to the public.

She said this during her church’s Women Conference over the weekend in Ashaiman where Mrs. Jennifer Selly insisted that the song is an evil song emanating from the pit of hell.

As a result, Christians must not entertain it at all. She explained that she was watching news when she heard about the social media craze for the “one corner” song.

She added that all of a saddened the Holy Spirit spoke to her to caution the public about the evil song.

The President of the Chayi Women Movement revealed that the evil spirit behind the song possess people to misbehave anytime they hear the song being played.

The song is demonic from the pit of hell. The spirit that gave him the fame is the spirit that motivates the people to behave abnormally anytime they hear the song”, Rev. Selly told her congregant.

She warned the public that anyone who goes about doing the “One Corner” dance is bowing to the evil spirit backing the song.

She added that people dancing to the song are instantly selling their spirits to the devil in hell.

Finally, she said the main motive for song is to gather souls into the kingdom of darkness therefor Christians must refrain from the “One Corner” song.

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