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6 Bantama Boys Gang Rape Young Girl Josh_The_Vanisher

OMGoosh…!!! 6 Bantama Boys Gang Rape Young Girl (Watch Video)

A video circulating on social media at the moment involves four teenage boys who forcibly took advantage of young girl.

The 5 minute and 16 seconds video shows one of the guys believed to be the eldest firmly holding the hands of the lady with his back lying on the bed and the lady’s back on top of him, allowing the others to take turns in a distressing attempt to rape her.

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Faces of the teens can easily be seen and you could clearly hear them speaking a Ghanaian native language, Akan (Twi).

6 Bantama Boys Gang Rape Young Girl Josh_The_Vanisher

From the video, most of the guys found difficult to penetrate the young girl because she kept struggling and fighting with them so as to prevent them from taking advantage of her.

The teens who appear to be enjoying the act was not moved by the plea of the innocent girl who after several fruitless attempts to escape had to be saved by an elderly person(noticed by voice) who barged into the room to sack them out.

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