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I Now Hate Football Because of My Incident With Mourinho – Eva Carneiro

I guess you remember former Chelsea football club doctor, Eva Carneiro who had a misunderstanding with former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho following her treatment of player, Eden Hazard on the pitch during a match?

Eva Carneiro has now come out after a long silence to reveal that she felt disillusioned with football after the incident between her and Mourinho and court case with Chelsea.

She added that she has since rejected so many football offers after she left the club.

The 44-year-old football doctor was publicly criticized by then Chelsea boss Mourinho, for treating Eden Hazard on the pitch during a match against Swansea on the first day of the 2015-2016 season.

The tension and problems continued with a settlement in her favor in the middle of an employment tribunal where she claimed a constructive dismissal.

‘If I am honest I found it hard to watch football for a year,’ she told L’Equipe. ‘The 2016 Champions League final (between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) was the only game I was able to sit and watch last year.

‘I dealt with the period as well as I could. It was a shock at a time I should have been happy because I was about to marry my husband, go on honeymoon and enjoy our new home. One day I came home and said “I have to resign

She also had a warning for clubs who put their players life at risk all in the name of entertainment.

Footballers cannot be modern gladiators, they cannot be fed to and eaten by lions in the name of entertainment at whatever cost to their life, their career and their future,’ she said.

‘I fiercely believed and passionately fought for the teams and managers I have worked for and this leads to the best work,’ she said. 

‘But I am disillusioned that football does not seem to want to improve itself or learn from its mistakes.’

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