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I See Nothing Wrong With Lesbianism – Actress Vicky Zugah



I See Nothing Wrong With Lesbianism – Actress Vicky Zugah

Beautiful Ghana Actress Vicky Zugah says there’s nothing wrong with the practice of lesbianism although she personally will not get intimate with her fellow woman.

Vicky Zugah has not been so successful with her opposite sex in terms of having a stable relationships.

She however said she has not given up on men and it has not even crossed her mind to have an intimate relationship with her fellow woman.

Vicky said this during a talk on relationships when she was interviewed on celebrity ride.

She said “I haven’t given up on men no matter what I’ve been through. God created men for female and female for men and as long as I’m the daughter of God and believe in the Bible, there is no way I’ll be a lesbian, but I’m not against lesbianism or anything, but it’s my personal choice that I don’t want it. It doesn’t also mean anybody who does it is bad or not righteous.”

When she was asked whether she saw the act of lesbianism as wrong. She responded saying “I see nothing wrong with lesbianism. It’s a personal choice for those who chose to do it.”

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