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Here Are The Proven Ways On How To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy & Functioning Well

Our human body is made up of very vital internal organs created by God that function to ensure that we are always healthy so as we can go about our daily activities smoothly.

Every single organ has a particular function it performs and as a whole they ensure our entire body functions properly.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at the health aspect of our lifestyle – specifically our kidneys, which is a very crucial organ found in our body.

Before we dive into the “VITAL TIPS ON HOW TO KEEP YOUR KIDNEY HEALTHY”, I’ll share a brief description on kidney, some functions, what causes our kidney not to function well and then conclude with the tips on how to keep your kidney healthy.

An Image of How A Kidney Looks Like Our Body

A Brief Description On Kidney & Some Functions

Every human being has kidneys in its body which is bean-shaped – one on the left and right side of the body specifically around our abdominal area. As I said earlier, the kidney performs crucial functions that keep us healthy.

Some of these functions include;

  • They’re responsible for filtering our blood in order to make urine. The urine created is directed into our bladder by means of tube called the
  • The Kidney is also responsible for the re-absorption of vital nutrients (amino acids & glucose) that the body will need to function properly.
  • Also, it produces an important enzyme known as renin helps to control blood pressure.

Here are just a brief description of the kidney and some functions you can easily keep share with your friends and family.

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Now, we’ll be heading to the “What Causes Our Kidneys Not To Function Properly?” CLICK ON THE NEXT BUTTON


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