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Ghanaian Guys: 4 Ways On How To Avoid The Friend Zone



Ghanaian Guys: 4 Ways On How To Avoid The Friend Zone

In our lifestyle column today, we will be looking at the relationship aspect of our lifestyle specifically avoiding the friend zone. Have you ever been friend zoned…? Well, welcome to the club because I have also been a victim before.

What does it mean to be friend zoned? – It’s a situation in which one is viewed by a potential partner as a platonic friend which complicates the initiation of a romantic relationship

I remember back in the university, this girl and I, we were so closed. We did almost everything together. We could chat long hours into the night – and roommates even used to tease me that she is my girlfriend.

Then, she hit me with the bombshell when I told her about my feeling towards her. She responded saying she did not see me as boyfriend – moreover she does not feel that way towards me, she only sees me as a good friend. That was it…!!! The BIG BOMG…!!!!

I nearly had a heart attack at the moment. And my roommates began laughing at me that the girl have friend zoned me.

Well, today I will be sharing with you 4 Ways On How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone OR Avoiding The Friend Zone so that you won’t go through such an experience like I did.


1.Stop Being Scared of Asking Women Out

Most guys who are in the friend zone are those who are usually the timid and scared type who find it difficult to ask ladies out. I would advise you to shake off that fear of asking women out – and be confident in what you want and go for it.

The Perfect woman you are dreaming about won’t come straight to you and ask you on a date. Come on….!!! Women have evolved about thousands of years and they’re expecting you the guy to make the first move.

In my experience like if only I had made my intention known to the girl earlier may be I would not have been friend zoned.


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My name is Joshua Elikem Atta-Mafu aka Josh_The_Vanisher aka Sugar aka Lover of Gob3 – these are the names attributed to me, quiet funny. I am 24 years old, not blogger yet, a double bassist, website developer, singer, movie lover and social media addict.

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