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I Had To Eat Gari With Groundnut Paste To Survive – Joe Mettle

Joseph Oscar Mettle popularly known in showbiz as Joe Mettle revealed deep parts of his life and how he struggle to make end meet.

Joe Mettle is one of Ghana’s most successful gospel musicians – and he is the 2017 Ghana Music Awards Artiste of the Year.

Mr. Mettle revealed during a “Personality Profile” segment with Lexis Bill on Joy FM how at some point in life he had to aid his mother sell boiled rice and waakye so as to survive.

He added the road to stardom was not a smooth one but a very rough one.

He shared his lowest point of his life- which was when things go difficult so he had to leave home – and followed friends to play with a church. He shared a very unusual experience where he was so so broke had to eat gari with groundnut paste to survive.

Moreover, the groundnut paste was for someone’s wife who later came back home needing the paste to prepare soup.

The lowest period for me was; at a point, things were a bit difficult for me at home so I left the house. Followed friends, we used to play with a church and I remember very well that one time, we were really broke and had to eat gari with groundnut paste.

It was really terrible, it was hard swallowing it but we didn’t have a choice and that even caused a problem for us because; it was someone’s wife’s groundnut paste. So when the lady came back to prepare the soup, the paste was gone” Joe Mettle shared.

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He concluded “We didn’t steal it but we didn’t also know that she’ll need it that soon. The idea was that, we were going to use it quickly, so by the time she’ll be ready to prepare the groundnut soup, the paste will be back. It was a really terrible experience but in all that, I was still encouraged, knowing that I had a promise from God so, I held on to that promise“.



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