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5 Ways That Will Ensure You Enjoy A Long Lasting And Happy-Ever-After Relationship

5 Ways That Will Ensure You Enjoy A Long Lasting And Happy-Ever-After Relationship

The interesting, fun, loving and excitement part of a relationship is always when the couple just decided to get into a relationship. At first, every time is nice and lovely in their eyes but as time goes on argument, spending less time together (maybe due to work or school) and other problems tend have a negative impact on the relationship. …

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Ghanaian Ladies: 5 Ways To Make Any Ghanaian Man Fall Deeply In Love With You

Ghanaian Ladies: 5 Ways To Make To Many Ghanaian Man Fall Deeply In Love With You

Are you wondering about the best ways to make a man fall in love with you? Aren’t we all? Love makes the world go round and everybody (and I mean everybody) wants to be in love. Unfortunately, falling in love, and having that same someone fall in love with you, isn’t easy. But it is possible! Let me help. Here …

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5 Essential Features In Women That Can Win The Heart Of Any Man (See #3 & #1)

5 Essential Featuress In Women That Can Win The Heart of A Man_Josh_The_Vanisher

Men are naturally attracted to things they see hence when they come across a curvaceous lady with succulent boobs and big butt, they fall head over heels for them. However, to win a man’s heart and love entails more compared to just being curvy, having big boobs and butts. Yes, men love curvaceous ladies with big boobs and butts but …

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7 Proven Steps On How To Give Your Wife Or Girlfriend A Squirting Experience This Valentine


The question at hand is how many women have had a squirting experience, and do they even know what squirting is? Also, how many men have made their wives or girlfriend have a squirting experience, and do they know how to do it? Well, in today’s lifestyle section of this blog will be looking at squirting specifically Steps On How …

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6 Magical Things Women Want In Bed But Most Men Fail To Do (Especially #3)


When comes to the act of making love to women, most men especially our Ghanaian men lack or have inadequate knowledge pertaining to that aspect. I’m not sounding harsh, but anytime the truth is told – some will not take it lightly. Why I am saying this in the first place? The act of making love involves intimacy which both …

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6 “Deadly” Mistakes Guys Make When Making Love To A Woman


It is at some times very funny when guys make certain simple mistakes when in bed with a woman or your girlfriend. These mistakes are very vital in making the sex or love making very exciting and more enjoyable. However, most guys make these mistakes and it ruins all that good moment you’re having with your girlfriend or any woman. …

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6 Reasons Why You Need To Add Planking To Your Daily Exercise


There are variations of exercise we do daily to keep our body healthy and fit. Some of these exercises include jumping jacks, squats, jogging, push-ups etc. In today’s lifestyle segment, we’ll be looking at a particular form of exercise and why you need to perform that exercise daily. This form of exercise is called “planking” or you can just say …

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7 Surprising Benefits Ghanaian Women Will Enjoy If They Decide Not To Wear Bra


The month of October is a month set aside to create awareness on breast cancer – and also October 13, 2017 is a day set aside to mark “No Bra Day.” “No Bra Day” is a day celebrated by all women across the globe where no woman wears a bra. Women have been taught since their childhood or adolescent stage …

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7 Guaranteed Benefits To The Body When You Engage In Regular Sex


At some point in life whether you are in a relationship or single, the thought or urge of having sex with your loved one or someone you fancy or like sounds like an awesome idea? Interestingly in this part of our world, sex is something which is less and shyly talked about. However, it benefits to the body is most …

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Here Are 6 Signs That Shows She Has Fallen Deeply In Love With You


Love is a beautiful thing. Everyone wants to be loved and equally loved by someone in return. Before one finds his or her true love, one needs to go through an exhausting and at times intimidating stage called Dating. Dating is a stage in life where you get to know someone whom you are interested in – and in the …

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