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Learn How To Make Over GHC1,000 Every Month With This New Betting Company In Town

Learn How To Make Over Ghc1,000 Every Month With This New Betting Company In Town

Conditions of living in this country is gradually becoming very difficult with most households living from hand to mouth, graduates not getting employed, increase in illegal activities and so on. The people we put in power who are meant to make decisions and policies to make conditions of living in the country bit easier only think of their stomachs and …

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How To Use Your Facebook Friends To Make Over Ghc1,500 Every Month On This Sports Betting Site

How To Use Your Facebook Friends To Make Over Ghc1,500 Every Month On This Sports Betting Site

Making money online is one of the lucrative avenues a lot of people especially my Ghanaian folks are scared taking advantage of. Interestingly, I have come across an easy strategy by which you can make more than GHC 1,500 every month just by using your over 5,000 Facebook friends and your PC/Laptop. How many of you have made some money …

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Join The Winning Team & Stop Losing Money On Your Bets – Insure Your Bets With 1xBet & Win Everyday

join the wining team and stop losing money on your bets_josh_the_Vanisher

Have you ever had so much confidence in your bet slip that you stake very big, then what happens is that just one team out of the lot makes you lose your bet?  It’s so so SAD…..!!!! The funny aspect is that you keep recollecting your lose, and then try to figure out what really went wrong. Well, I bring …

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5 Reasons Why Most Young Ghanaians Will Never Become Rich


Who does not want to become rich and live that luxurious lifestyle he or she has been dreaming of? However, this lifestyle we all dream of comes at a price but our young men and women of today do not want to sacrifice at all to pay that price. They always dream of living the lavish and luxurious but never …

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9 Reasons Why Every Ghanaian Should Shop From Kikuu Online Shopping App


PLEASE DON’T SKIP ANY PARAGRAPH. KINDLY READ TO THE END FOR THE THERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MONEY. DISCOVER THE SECRET BY READING. THANK YOU…!!! There are a handful of online shopping sites such as Jumia, Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon among others. One peculiar feature of these popular online shopping sites is that they do have quality products but they’re …

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Freebies: BETTING TEAMS – 24th September 2017


Teams You Can Bet For – 24th September 2017. Kindly note – Thoroughly check before betting since anything can happen in the game. 100% Sure Bets With Very Low Risk ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE   15:00 GMT Brighton & Hove Albion vs Newcastle United +1.5  LOSS   ITALIAN SERIE A 10:30 GMT Sampdoria vs AC Milan Away/X  LOSS 13:00 GMT Hellas …

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8 Websites Every Ghanaian Should Visit Every Single Day


Technology has gone a long way to make life much easier for us humans. Now, we can easily sit in the comfort of our homes and study online without necessarily going to the classroom. Acquiring knowledge or a skill in the 21st century is no longer restricted to the classrooms. Today I share with you websites which offer free courses …

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I write my first blog post today sharing with you one of the amazing FREEBIES my dear cherished readers and viewers will be enjoying. This Freebie goes to all the football lovers across the globe especially Ghanaians. Majority of the Ghanaian population are fervent lovers of the Barclays English Premier League & Spanish La Liga with most of them not …

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