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American Business Magazine Forbes Releases List of Top Earning Dead-Celebrities


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American Business Magazine Forbes Releases List of Top Earning Dead-Celebrities

American magazine Forbes have released the latest list of top earning dead-celebrities. These celebrities have passed away but there’re still making huge earnings.

Guess who tops the chart? The King of Pop, Michael Jackson is topping the chart for the fifth straight year with $75 million. His earnings are boosted by a new greatest hit album, Las Vergas du Soleil show and a stake in the EMI music publishing catalogue.

There’re two other singers in the list Elvis Presley with $35 million and Bob Marley with $23 million. Below are the Top Celebrities  Who Are Still Making Huge Money Although They’re Dead…!!

1. Michael Jackson – $75 million


2. Golf Legend Arnold Palmer – $40 million.



3. Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz – $38 million



4. Elvis Presley – $35 million


5. Bob Marley- $23 million


6. Tom Petty – $20 million



7. Prince – $18 million


8. Dr. Seuss – $16 million


9. John  Lennon – $12 million



10. Albert Einstein – $10 million


11. David Bowie – $9.5 million


12. Elizabeth Taylor – $8 million


13. Betite Page – $7.5 million


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