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7 Surprising Benefits Ghanaian Women Will Enjoy If They Decide Not To Wear Bra


7 Surprising Benefits Ghanaian Women Will Enjoy If They Decide Not To Wear Bra

The month of October is a month set aside to create awareness on breast cancer – and also October 13, 2017 is a day set aside to mark “No Bra Day.”

“No Bra Day” is a day celebrated by all women across the globe where no woman wears a bra.

Women have been taught since their childhood or adolescent stage that wearing a bra under their clothing is the correct and right thing.


Yes, it may be correct and right since it will make you look attractive and decent. However, did you know there are some surprising benefits if women should ditch their brassiere maybe more often.


Well, in celebration of “No Bra Day”, we bring you some surprising benefits women will enjoy if they should ditch their brassiere more often.


1.Having a Sound Sleep

According to scientist, sleeping with your brassiere on is something which is not approved of – and there has been rumors of such habits leading to breast cancer.

However, this notion has not been proven scientifically, On the other hand, wearing a bra to sleep is more likely to cause you discomfort when sleeping. You are not likely to have a sound sleep.

Sleep with No Bra On…!!!


2.Improvement in Breast Shape

Truth be told not wearing a bra does not cause your boobs to sag. Interestingly, it is rather the opposite effect.

Instead, wearing a brassiere rather causes your breasts to sag and lose their shape. This is because the brassiere weakens the muscle in the chest causing your breast to look saggy.

To ensure that your breast looks less saggy, rounder and nicer, you need to do away with your bra more often.


3.A Comfortable Feeling

For women, there is no greater feeling of relief and comfort than taking off your bra after a long days’ activity. This phenomenon can be compared to “a slave being told he or she is free”.

It brings sweet freedom and relief to the woman. Women who wear itchy or tight bra especially experience lot of discomfort.

The quickest solution is to take it all off to enjoy that sweetest relief and comfort.


4.Gives Healthier Breast Tissue

According to a study conducted 15 years ago, scientist found out that women who wear bra more often had poor breast tissue. In other words, they could not produce healthy breast tissue.

The vital thing about this breast tissue is that they decrease chances of getting any related breast diseases such as breast cancer for instance.

Healthy breast tissues strengthen your breast muscles and make your breasts look nicer, stronger and rounder.


5.Your Blood Circulation Improves

Women who are fond of wearing tight bras and also those push-ups to heap their breasts should stop because it has side effects to your blood vessels.

According to the same study conducted 15 years ago, such tightness around your chest prevent effective circulation due to the compressing of major blood vessels.

It has been proven that in a long while women who wear such tight bra could get cardiovascular issues.

To prevent any cardiovascular issues, take off your bra more often or you could do less tight bra.


6.Saves Some Money

Funnily enough, most brassieres wore by women are very costly. They could cost like $20 to $100 (80 Ghana Cedis and above).

To save you all those monies why don’t you go braless. At least you could invest that money somewhere else which will bring you more returns than spending it on brassieres.


7.Improvement in Your Breathing

Since you have been wearing tight bra around your chest all day for a whole 365 days in a year, it is quiet easy to figure out that your breathing won’t be that healthy.

The tight bra you wear restricts you thereby slowing your breathing or making it difficult for you to breath well.

Tight bras could be the doom of your respiratory system, however why don’t you take the bra off to save you all that stress.


In conclusion, I hope these benefits of not wearing bras more often will encourage most women to take off your bra more often so you can enjoy all these benefits and live healthier.


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