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7 Proven Steps On How To Give Your Wife Or Girlfriend A Squirting Experience This Valentine

The question at hand is how many women have had a squirting experience, and do they even know what squirting is? Also, how many men have made their wives or girlfriend have a squirting experience, and do they know how to do it?

Well, in today’s lifestyle section of this blog will be looking at squirting specifically Steps On How To Give Any Woman A Squirting Experience During Sex.


But before I go into the steps, I would be sharing a little background on squirting. This experience can also be termed as female ejaculation, something similar to what men have when they climax during sex.

Female ejaculation or squirting is an expulsion of fluid from or near the vagina during or before sex. Studies conducted showed that women can experience this through various means of stimulation, some through clitoral or G-spot stimulation.


Others can also experience it depending on the sex position they’re performing during sex. Most times women who are about to experience this always say that they feel like peeing but it’s not pee is squirting. The fluid that comes out is not pee, but something similar to what men ejaculate, and it’s does not smell bad.

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Now, let’s dive right into the Steps On How To Give Any Woman A Squirting Experience.


STEP 1 — Ensure She’s Relaxed & Warm Her Up By Getting Her Wet With One Finger



STEP 2 — Look For Her G-Spot. Her G-spot Is Located On The Top Wall Of Her Vagina Thus Half Way Between Her Vaginal Opening & Cervix. It Usually Feels A Little Rough.


STEP 3 — After Locating Her G-Spot, Use Your Two Fingers In A Pull Back Motion Against Her G-Spot, And Add A Little Pressure To Tease It.


Note: She should be breathing heavily and giving some melodies tunes by now.

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Step 4 — Continually Tap And Press Your Fingers Against Her G-Spot, She Should Be Getting Wetter Now, Thus If You Are Doing It Right. When She Starts Making Squelching Sounds Which This Means She Getting Comfortable With What You’re Doing, And She Wants More of It.



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Step 5 — Now Tune Into The Over Drive Mood;

  • Use Your Index Finger And Ring Finger To Penetrate The Same Spot.
  • Rest Your Palm On Her Clit, Almost Cupping It.
  • Then, Pull Your Hand In A Up-and-Down Motion Stimulating Both Clit & G-spot At The Same Time.


STEP 6 — The Most Important Is This Step So Pay Careful Attention. When She’s Getting Closer To Having The Experience, She Will Say She Wants To Pee. She’s Doesn’t Want To Pee, It Means You Are Getting Closer, Just Keep Going.


STEP 7 — Just Few Seconds (Perhaps 10 – 50 secs) After The Pee Sensation Begins, She Will Start To Climax. When It Does, Do Not Let The Fluid Stop You, Keep Going Harder & Harder, Pressuring The G-Spot.


Moment Later, She Should Ejaculate Profusely. Also, She Will Start Screaming, And Her “Distin” Will Squirt, Shooting A Clear & Odorless Fluid All Over The Room. It Will Definite Look Like This Water Fountain Above….LOL…!!!!

If That Happens Then It Means Your Mission Has Been Completed. Thanks For Reading. Share With Your Friends.

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