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7 Guaranteed Benefits To The Body When You Engage In Regular Sex


7 Guaranteed Benefits To The Body When You Engage In Regular Sex

At some point in life whether you are in a relationship or single, the thought or urge of having sex with your loved one or someone you fancy or like sounds like an awesome idea?

Interestingly in this part of our world, sex is something which is less and shyly talked about. However, it benefits to the body is most times overlooked or less prioritized.

It’s benefits for a healthy lifestyle is very invaluable as compared to any form of exercise we perform or food we eat to keep ourselves healthy.


In today’s lifestyle segment we’ll be looking at the sexual aspect of our lifestyle specifically sharing with you some guaranteed benefits to your body when you frequently engage in sex.


Note: These benefits to the body have been experimented and proven by sex and relationship experts after conducting some research.


Here Are 7 Benefits Guaranteed Benefits to Your Body When You Engage in Sex More Frequently


1.It Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Just like performing cardio exercise when you hit the gym to reduce your weight and keep your heart in check, regular sex does similar.

When one is in the mood, your heart rate beats faster than normal and when you have an orgasm it reaches its peak.

According to a sex and relationship expert, Tracey Cox “Studies have proven that regular sex helps to prevent heart attack. One studies in Belfast showed that having sex three times a week can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke.”

Also, women who happened to have at least two orgasms a week were more likely to be safe from heart diseases than those women who don’t.


2.It Boosts the Fertility of Men

Yes, more sex makes men more fertile. According to experts, a man’s quality of sperm improves when he engages in sex frequently.

Studies have proven that men who abstain from sex for more than 10 days have less quality sperms.

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