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6 Reasons Why You Need To Add Planking To Your Daily Exercise


6 Reasons Why You Need To Add Planking To Your Daily Exercise

There are variations of exercise we do daily to keep our body healthy and fit. Some of these exercises include jumping jacks, squats, jogging, push-ups etc.

In today’s lifestyle segment, we’ll be looking at a particular form of exercise and why you need to perform that exercise daily.

This form of exercise is called “planking” or you can just say “plank”.


Planking is a form of exercise that can be performed anywhere and there’s no need to use an equipment.


Plank may look that simple but it is very effective because it can improve your fitness level as a well work out several muscle group all at once.

Okay, below are the following reasons why you need to perform plank in your daily exercise routines.


1.It Can Enhance Your Core Strength


One reason why you need to perform plank is that it can enhance your core strength.

This involves muscles and joints that connect the upper and lower body. Any time you either bend or lift things you are engaging the core, therefore it is important to work out your core muscle groups.

Regular performance of plank will ensure your core becomes stronger and make it easier for you to complete everyday tasks.

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2.Helps You To Get A Flat Stomach


As compared to crunches, planking is more effective to making your stomach flat and well-toned.

According to studies conducted, crunches can lead to back injuries – and therefore planking exercises engage 100% of your abdominal muscles whereas crunches do only 64%.



3.Helps To Make You Back Stronger


The major problem with crunches and sit-ups is that they could cause injury to your back.

Planking on the other hand strengthen your back muscles particularly your upper back.

Moreover, because planking involves maintaining a neutral spine as opposed to constant flexing, your spinal column does not experience constant strain.

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4.Enhances Your Posture and Balance


A daily performance of planking will enhance your posture and balance. What this means is that you can sit and stand straight perfectly without any problem.

Keep in mind that your core muscle group has a significant effect on the other muscles of your body, and can prevent or alleviate postural problems.

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5.Makes You More Flexible


As planks can expand and stretch the muscles around your shoulders, hamstrings, collarbone, feet and toes, this form of exercise can offset the natural loss of muscle elasticity, which usually occurs when you get older.

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6.Can Speed Up Your Metabolism & Lead To Effective Burning of Fat


Although planking does not beat cardio exercises in terms of burning fat, it is also effective in reducing excess fat and speed up metabolism.

According to studies, for every pound of muscle that you achieve, you will be able to burn approximately 50 calories more each day.





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