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6 Magical Things Women Want In Bed But Most Men Fail To Do (Especially #3)


6 Magical Things Women Want In Bed But Most Men Fail To Do (Especially #3)

When comes to the act of making love to women, most men especially our Ghanaian men lack or have inadequate knowledge pertaining to that aspect.

I’m not sounding harsh, but anytime the truth is told – some will not take it lightly. Why I am saying this in the first place?

The act of making love involves intimacy which both parties receive during the love making. However, intimacy varies from one person to another. In other words, men can easily position their minds when it comes to love making but the women needs a patient and gradual process before getting there.


To quickly tune your woman’s mind to love making, you can use romantic words or very witty & dirty messages or questions to get her into the mood. 6_Magical_Things_Women_Want_In_Bed_But_Most_Men_Fail_To_Do_Josh_The_Vanisher


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For instance, you can send a message like “Baby, I missed you. Thinking of you is making me “hard” right now in the office, I can’t wait to get home and rip-off clothes” – sometime like this will get her in the mood before she even gets home.

However, not all women may succumb to such messages but it usually common among women. After getting her into mood, there are a few magical things she wants you to do to her in bed.

Unfortunately, most men are not aware of these magical things women want in bed. Today, we’ll share with you these secret and magical things women want in bed.


1.Be A Gentleman

Being gentle during the act of making love does vary from one woman to another. Some women love it rough from beginning to the end just like in certain adult movies.

Having said that, it is proper to at least begin at a gentle and slower pace before maybe you get into the roughness if only your woman likes it. If she does, she’ll let you know and even encourage you to do it more.


Additionally being a gentleman does not only apply to during the love making but also afterwards. Most guys treat women like they’re a piece of meat – as soon they’re done with the hot and intimate love making they fall asleep. (Really…!!!!)

Rather cuddle and compliment her after such a hot afternoon or night of love making. You can say for instance – “Baby, I love you, you blew my mind or sweetie you were fantastic tonight”. That alone will make her feel good.

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2.Know Her Body

How many men especially Ghanaian men know which part of their girlfriend or woman’s body turns them on? It is one knowledge most men lack because they fail to explore their woman’s body and are always in a hurry to insert and withdraw…that’s all.

One important thing guys should know is that they should pay attention to their woman’s body responses anytime you’re pleasuring her.


And the interesting aspect is that when you are able to identify such spots which turns her on, you have won a jackpot which is far better than any bet you will win or have won.

Such spots will help you to quickly tune her mood into a love making mood – and this is a valuable asset to have my dear men. So, know your woman’s body very well.


3.The Magic of The Tongue

Most Ghanaian men have inadequate knowledge about the magic of the tongue when it comes love making. Our very own controversial counselor, Counselor Lutterodt endorses it – and he has a nice term for it.

According to him, the woman’s private part is very neat and even neater than the mouth. The fear of most guys is at times “how does the place smell like or they’re scared of contracting STIs.”


Putting all these aside, guys never underestimate the power of the tongue when comes to love making. Honestly, if you are able to tongue your woman or even any woman “down there” very well until she climaxes, my guy you have even won a bigger jackpot.

I bet you any day anytime, she will come to you for more.

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4.Take Your Time

Guys, if you rush too much when making love to your woman, you will eventually turn her off. True that the sexual tension between you two has heighten beyond the limits you can hold back anymore.


However, take your time with her, build that strong intimacy with her – and you will see how things will end up after the love making.

Although, she wants to make love with you badly, if you rush her, that sexual feeling will vanish all of sudden – and women are very good at that.



5.Ladies First

One thing most guys always fail to do in bed is failing to allow their woman to “come” first. It takes quite a longer period for a woman to climax as compared to men – and as a result, guys need to pay more attention to their women, allow them to come first before they do.


This is because it will be very embarrassing on your part to climax, and then you leave your woman there without making sure she’s also satisfied. You can use the magic of the tongue or finger to ensure that she climax after you have…..Or else…!!!!!

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Foreplay is the foundation of love making – and most men like to ignore the foundation to start building their houses which is never possible. If you don’t have a strong foundation how can the house you are building stand…?

Women need foreplay before the real deal occurs. Foreplay is part of the love making but most guys seem to ignore it, and it’s very bad. The magic of the tongue is one aspect of the foreplay. Others include the magic of kissing, magic of the fingers and others.


Honestly if you are able to engage in an effective foreplay with your woman, the real deal will be far sweeter, pleasurable and very easy for both of you. Also, your woman will be able to climax with you.

So, never ignore foreplay, do it before every real deal happens.

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