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6 “Deadly” Mistakes Guys Make When Making Love To A Woman


6 “Deadly” Mistakes Guys Make When Making Love To A Woman

It is at some times very funny when guys make certain simple mistakes when in bed with a woman or your girlfriend. These mistakes are very vital in making the sex or love making very exciting and more enjoyable.


However, most guys make these mistakes and it ruins all that good moment you’re having with your girlfriend or any woman.

Today on our lifestyle section, we’ll be sharing with you Deadly Mistakes Guys Make When Having Sex With A Woman.



1. Avoiding or Not Exploring Others Parts of Her Body

One of the mistakes guys make is that they believe the clit or the vaginal area is the only sensitive part that is needed to arouse a woman. Well, guys you’re wrong.


If you fail to explore other parts of her body, how would you know her arousing parts of her body? You’ll shocked how many turn-on spots a single woman has.

For instance, kissing her neck alone will give her goosebumps on her skin. If you like try it and see.


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2.Mishandling or Squeezing Her Breasts

Squeezing or mishandling her Breasts is another mistake guys make when having a good time with a woman.

Most guys see this in adult movies and get the perception that most women get aroused when you squeeze or mishandle her breasts.

Please don’t or else you may get some slaps from her the next time you do it.

Instead, be gentle and caress her breast giving her that chills through her spine. You can pass your fingers around her nipples and massage her breasts gently.

That’s what you need to do instead. 


3.Being In A Haste To Take Your Pants Off

Most guys are not romantic at all. They’re always in rush to get the thing done, and this is bad. Yes bad….!!! I need to say it as it is.

Having an enjoyable and pleasurable time with a woman or girlfriend, is all about being patient, and taking it step by step. At least you the guy should take her clothes first then she’ll help you take yours off.

That’s more romantic, and it makes the sexual tension between both of you to intensify.


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4.Going Fast And Very Hard

Another mistake guys make is going in and out of her very fast and hard. The belief is that most women love it hard and fast. While, a majority of women don’t.

They prefer you start slow and gradually increase the tempo. This makes it more exciting and pleasurable. Going at a hard and fast pace will spoil the whole moment.

At times too, she is not that lubricated well, and you want to go fast and hard. Please be patient, start slow and gradually increase the tempo.



5.Coming Too Soon

This is a problem most guys encounter when they’re so excited or too aroused. Coming too early may spoil the moment you and your woman or girlfriend are enjoying.

This is because it could be that she hasn’t climaxed yet but you have. It may even make you feel a little embarrassed. But here is the secret, you need to ensure that she get hers.


6.Saying Thank You

Wow, after making hot and emotional love with your girlfriend or your woman, you then say thank you. Eeeeiii, why is she some food you bought from the restaurant.

Please, never say thank you ooo….!!! Instead you should compliment her with sweet words like “I love you sweetheart, you were awesome or my love, you were lovely.” Something like that should do but “Thank You”, please don’t.


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