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5 Reasons Why Most Young Ghanaians Will Never Become Rich

Who does not want to become rich and live that luxurious lifestyle he or she has been dreaming of? However, this lifestyle we all dream of comes at a price but our young men and women of today do not want to sacrifice at all to pay that price.


They always dream of living the lavish and luxurious but never want to sacrifice and hard work to enjoy it. There are certain habits or reasons that prevent our young Ghanaian men and women from becoming rich, and enjoying that luxurious lifestyle.

Joshthevanisher.com has outlined these habits or reasons and we’ll sharing it with you.

Reasons Why Most Young Ghanaian Men & Women Will Never Be Rich

1.Buying Latest Gadgets

Most young Ghanaian guys and ladies today want to have the latest  gadgets be it the latest IPhones, Apple Macbooks, Samsung phones among others. Interestingly, the sole aim of acquiring these gadgets is just to flex it to their friends that they also have the latest gadgets.

It’s true that these gadgets makes life very easy and convenient but that does not mean you should buy every latest gadgets that is released on the market.

You can at least get one which you can use for school and work, and there’s no need in owning a lot of gadgets if most of them are liabilities. Interestingly, you are just inviting armed robbers into your home.

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2.Alcoholic Drinks

I am not a fun of alcohol drinks but I do not see anything wrong with you taking a few alcohol drinks here and there, when hanging out with friends and loved ones.

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However, you need to know your limits. Because of most our Ghanaian guys especially are always into partying. They want to party every weekend. Perhaps, they do have the cash to spend every weekend partying but you will never be wealthy if you’are blowing away your hard-earned cash in unnecessary stuff.


3.Getting Expensive & Stylish Clothes

I am not saying you should not buy expensive and stylish clothes, you can, but it does not mean you should go beyond your limits or capabilities to get the latest dress or suits in the Boutique.


Yes it’s good to have a sense of style because it speaks more about your personality. Personally, you can go to “Kantamanto” in Accra very early to get some of the finest outfit you want at very affordable prices, and you’ll look like that millionaire or billionaire that buys his or her outfits from Dubai.

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4. Betting

As for this one I am also a victim. I have staked lot and lot of bets but I have never even won one bet before.(Hard Luck I Guess) There’s always that one team that will destroy your bets.

Our young guys of today spend all their time at betting centers. I remember a while back when I watched on TV a news report concerning these betting centers in the country. The report interviewed one guy in the place and he said that betting is the job he does everyday.


Just like how every normal worker who wakes up and goes to work at 8am, he also wakes up and goes to betting center at the exact same time. (Wow..!!) Funnily enough, some of these guys at the centers are below 18, but these betting centers allow them to bet.

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Betting in my opinion is one reason why most of our young Ghanaian men will never be rich. Because even those who’re gainful employed are staking bets with their salaries they earned at the end of the month. Stop betting and invest that money into something meaningful.



Personally, it has been a long time since I took my sweetheart out, and at time it worries me. Having said that it is a nice thing to once in a while take your lady out and splash all that cash on her.


However, it is not how much cash you splash on her that shows you love her. Moreover, money cannot buy love. The outing is more of the quality time you spend together and how memorable everything takes out. And please our young ladies kindly give the guys a little break. Okay…!!!

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